Maintenance guide

For cite-effect, version 1.3


//+++to do
//---to deprecate
//???to investigate
//patch[01](temporary?) bug fix number 01
//!!!to remove before releasing (development only)

Quality assurance

Automated tests are implemented in the unitTests/ directory, namely by executing at the command prompt:

Under Windows, after compiling unitTests in Release mode :


Parsing a 5000-line source file takes


Directory layout

Here is a short description of the source tree.

Build dependencies

Compiler hypothesis :
(1) The following statements properly allocate and deallocate a derived object, even though the pointer points to the base type, and despite the lack of virtual destructors.
(2) 'delete this; return;' works in a member function that disposes of an object

gcc version 4.0 or 4.1
flex 2.5.4a-2
libfl for flex

Building cite-effect executable

Assuming working directory `pwd` is cite-effect/ directory described above, unless noted otherwise.

under OS X or Linux

under Windows, with Visual C++ 2005 express edition


under OS X, use